Ethical handbags from Impala Lily.

Culling is essential for the health of the national herd. It maintains the balance between game numbers and the environment in which they live. If there is too much game, the animals eat out the understorey of the land so there is nowhere for other mammals and birds to roost. It is also detrimental to the wellbeing of the game as when densities get too high, animals become diseased.

The key to sustainability is for the herd to be culled in accordance with an agreed plan to prevent the top animals from being removed and which is sympathetic to the needs of the herd. This includes the opportunity to rut without undue disturbance.

An important part of this sustainable process is to ensure that once culled, the animals are not wasted. The venison goes into the food chain and the hides are used in the manufacture of soft furnishings and fashion accessories.

Working closely with Cape Nature, it is ensured that all hides used in the production of the handbags that Impala Lily sells are obtained as a result of this Government controlled programme and in strict accordance with the correct principles.

beautifully made, responsibly sourced.